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The Optimization Procedures of Magnetic Separation Process

timeNov 25,2014

With the technology of iron ore dressing equipment constantly updated, both the iron ore production line and the processing technology have been significantly improved. It has not only greatly improved the processing precision of hematite, but also selected some hematite by-products that can be applied to many industries, which improves the utilization rate of resources.


In the ore dressing process, magnetic separation is the most widely used method, so the researching focus of iron ore beneficiation equipment is on the optimization of magnetic separation process, which can be achieved through the following aspects:

1. Desliming. This is the most commonly used method, such as the removal of other impurities before the magnetic separation. For the traditional desliming of typical iron ore dressing equipment, hydrocyclone is a hierarchy of mud separation, or give up to the mucus and gravel processing, which is the so-called sediment separation.

2. Iron dispersant. It can eliminate the harmful effects of non selective interaction of silicate iron. The condensation phenomena include particles, mud dispersant with sodium, sodium carbonate, sodium six partial, phosphate, mud, etc.

3. Batch dosing. It will bring a new collector segmentation to maintain an effective agent in the pulp concentration, so as to improve the selectivity.

4. Reduce the density of magnetic slurry. The lower density of magnetic pulp can reduce the pollution of iron ore concentrate foam; on the other hand, the pulp viscosity will below.

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