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Hongxing Large Flotation Machine Is Successfully Developed

Modern beneficiation equipment towards large-scale processing gradually, so dose the flotation machine. But there are still difficulty on the structure and process design technology of large flotation machine, our company has introduced foreign advanced technology and implement the research and development and production of large-scale flotation machine, the equipment has high efficiency and energy saving features to meet the demands of mining.


In the process of large-scale flotation machine design , we firstly clear about the design principle. For the large-scale flotation machine, in the theoretical research is mainly aimed at the special requirements of fluid dynamics. For different grade of the flotation tank mineral collisions with bubbles, adhesion, peeling process and reason of the influence of these processes and how to prevent short circuit, raise the gas dispersion flotation process and ensure the air bubbles and pulp mixing, etc, are the research focused on.

Large flotation machine research and development success shows that the flotation technology in our country led to technological innovation of the industry, which is of great significance.The device is now hot selling, welcome to order.


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