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The Temporary Siutation of Mineral Resources in Mining

timeJan 15,2015

Mineral resources are the material basis for the country’s economic development is the consensus of the community. We all know that mineral resources are very important, but in the process of development opportunities and challenges often coexist, the development process of mineral resources also encountered these problems.


Firstly, the amount of important mineral resources are in shortage

Our copper resource reserve is only one sixth of the world copper reserves per capita. Reserves shortage can serious threat to the healthy development of China’s mining development and the national economy. The production capacity disappear too fast and lack of reserve resources. Most current proven reserves have been utilized, reserve sustainable yield shortage is serious. If there is no new exploration breakthrough, national resources will face serious security challenges.

Secondly, serious waste of resources.

Due to the large proportion of China’s small coal mines, unauthorized mining, the integrated resource recovery rate is only 10% to 15%, the national average overall recovery rate is only 30%. Production accounts for more than half of the individuals and small hill bauxite mining rate was 20% to 35%. Resource waste has become China’s weakness in mineral resources development and utilization.

Thirdly, the monopoly of global mineral resources and mineral market has formed, going out to exploit offshore resources is difficult.

The world’s top eight multinational mining company has a 75% global market share of mining capital, which controlling most of the world’s iron ore and bauxite resources. China’s major offshore mineral resources is highly concentrated, if there are problems, resources, security of supply related to economic security will face serious challenges.

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