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The Current Crushing Technology Have Made Great Progress

In recent years, most of the driving technology in the crusher manufacturing industry are used the mechanical equipment driving and electronic driving mode. However, with the development of the crushing machinery, the driving technology of crusher manufacturing recently has begun to be hydraulic driving. The so called hydraulic driving refers that the motor drive the hydraulic pump to establish a certain hydraulic pressure, hydraulic oil transfers to specify the cylinder through the valve, pushes the piston to move.


The main structure of hydraulic crusher includes hydraulic breaker, working device, hydraulic device, electrical device, control device. Hydraulic crusher can crush materials at a special position and can remove blockage in the feeder to ensure it work properly. What’s more, the hydraulic driving technology has more superiority in the processing of large capacity applications, which include: heavy load transmission, extrusion, pressure molding technology, bending, stamping and other forming process, connection and assembly process.

As buyers, in order to increase production, they make the crusher often at high load working state, which increase the production temporarily, but the service life of crusher equipment has largely dissipated. However, the application of the hydraulic driving technique in the crushing machine not only improves the working efficiency, it also effectively reduced the crushing machine load as well as reduces equipment weight for crusher.


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