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Application of New-type Materials in Crushing Equipment

timeJan 31,2015

Along with the development of science and technology, China crushing industry have made a breakthrough in techniques and materials application. This article mainly introduces the application of plastic and rubber material.


The Plastic material has the features of small proportion, strong corrosion and abrasion resistance, earthquake resilience and high mechanical strength, which makes it on a par with metal materials. Consequently, the proportion of plastics in military and civil mechanical components is on the rise. Recently, many countries have formulated plastic standards for industrial sectors. The simple pendulum jaw crusher produced by Japan is a good illustration of that. The movable jaw bearing adopts the oil-bearing synthetic resin. Utilizing plastics in mechanical parts can not only save metal but also reduce weight. Meanwhile, the usability can be enhanced, reliability strengthened, service life extended and cost reduced.

Rubber material has been proved by years of tests and researches that smooth manganese steel lining board wears much more quickly than the rubber liner. The abrasion occurs only on the top of the rib. The abrasion of smooth rubber lining board and ribbed rubber liner is the same in unite time. The abrasion varies with machine size, speed and material hardness. In addition, the power consumption and weight are considerably reduced. The ball mill can operate without noise, so the working environment is improved. The crack can't be filled up with wood or steel when rubber lining board replaces steel plate. Since the rubber is easily inflammable, the installation should be done in fire-proofing conditions.

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