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The Difference Between Ball Mill and Rod mill

timeMar 12,2015

No matter analysis from the outside or the working principle, ball mill and rod mill are very similar,which is a little difficult to distinguish. Then what is the difference between them exactly? Hongxing Machinery professors will explain it as following.


We first look for the common ground between the two: Ball mill and rod mill are all circular cylinders, cover with lid on both ends. Ball mill and rod mill are both horizontal cylindrical placed grinding equipment. They are usually drived by the induction motor or synchronous motor.

Next we will talk about the differences in detail:

Ball mill and rod mill is mainly for grinding grain size of not more than 60mm of various hardness ores and other materials. The resulting product after ball mill grinding, its range of variation for a particle size is below 1.5mm and 1.5mm. And as for the products grinding by rod mill, its range of variation for a particle size is below 6mm. They also can be distinguished according to different grinding media. The grinding media of ball mill is steel ball, the grinding media of rod mill is steel bar.

In summary, we can see that the principle of ball mill and rod mill are the same,the structure is similar. The significant differences between the two are their grinding media and the product granularity.

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