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The Great Impact of the National Policy on Mining Machinery

Mining industry is following in the rank of agriculture, belonging to the first industry at the same time according to the industry division standard of the united nation. Most of countries takes the mining industry as one independent first industry, whose importance is very obvious, and those national development plan and design without considering about mining resources can be the castles in the air, and the era of knowledge economy is not an exception. The developed strategies and global strategies when the developed countries are making are related to the mining resources, which is the materials basis of protecting the national safety and developing national economy.


Mining is the backbone industry of the national economy, which can be directly used and developed from the natural resources. We should begin to know the important position and function of mining in the national economy for the sustainable development of our national society and economy.

Recently, some of mining are forced to face the situation of bankruptcy or being closed, which is not wholly because of resource shortage, and the true reason mostly is because that the long-time loss cannot pay for the production expansion. Even though our nation has takes some measures to invest on some mining prospecting, which cannot solve the problems from the fundamental. There are a lot of problems existing in our mining such as terrible production situation, tough operation condition, operation safety, unstable staff, lower salary, poor living condition, the poor culture standing and so on, and the above on can be the reason why our mining is far behind the developed countries. The ultimate purpose of realizing the modernization and improving the competition level still cannot be reached in a long time.

The above on all need the emphasis of our nation, all mining hope her providing some beneficial policies for mining development when emphasis on the sustainable development, energy conservation and emission reduction.


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