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The Core Components Are the Key Influencing the Quality of Crusher

Crushing equipment is the most outstanding machine in the heavy machinery equipment, whose position cannot be replaced so easily in some fields such as coal, metallurgy, the chemical industry, building industry and so on. There is still one fatal shortcoming for the crushing equipment, that is the impact plate, hammer and the other core components, whose wear grinding can be serious and terrible.


The reasons causing this situation are very simple, that is those core components are the most nearest parts to the raw materials with hardness such as rock, and minerals, which will cause the terrible wear-grinding to the core parts. Once some matters like this are happening, it will impact the whole operation of this crushing equipment, so the core components have become the key element to influence the products quality. At this right minute, there is one big gap between the homemade and overseas on manufacturing technology of those core parts, and the national manufacturers are all relying on the import those components, which is one major element to limit the development of the crushing machinery.

Henan hongxing mining machinery has paid more attention to the researching and developing on the core components in order to improve the core competition in the international mining market.


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