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To Analysis the Development Prospect of Our National Crushing Industry

timeMay 16,2015

The modern situation is not so satisfying no matter it is for our national economic tendency or for the crushing industry at this right minute. All those data can show that our economic increasing speed has been slowed down, which of course will cause the result of caring about the future development prospect, but there must be some opportunities existing in the corresponding situation if we look into those data carefully, and this could be one key period for those crusher manufacturers improving their own technological level and realizing the transformation, and then catch up with those developed countries finally.


Firstly, the slowing down of our national economic development is not one bad matter, on the contrary, perhaps it could be one chance for our homemade to surpass those developed countries. We have seen a lot of negative aspects caused by the rapid economic development in the past such as unreasonable structure, overcapacity, resources wasting, ecological environment damaged and so on, which are all being neglected because of pursuing for the rapid speed, and then there are so much contradiction existing in the modern society. the above analysis is the explanation to the good result bringing by the slowing down of the economic development, which can make our national economy develop healthily and continuously.

Secondly, there are some unreasonable situation existing in the crushing industry including the production mode, industrial structure, management, science and technology. As one of the traditional industries, only paying attention to the overcapacity is not one good matter, and the technological innovation and science researching cannot be improved, so the only thing that we should do now is to transfer the development mode, enhancing the creation of science and technology and improving our own strength in order to grasp the great opportunities. The continuous development of our urbanization can increase the market demand for our crushing equipment, which all can show that our development prospect is going to be fine, so the national crusher manufacturers is not necessary to worry about the modern situation so much.

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