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The Strong Backbone of Expanding the Scale of Mining Machinery

timeJun 23,2015

Our national mining machinery has entered into one new developing period at this right minute, and the whole developing tendency is very stable with the development of engineering project in the future, and of course the golden increasing period is far away from this industry now. Even though our national mining machinery indeed make a big progress in the recent years, but there is one cruel fact that we have to accept, that is mining machinery cannot go far just by depending on themselves, which urgently need the preferential developing policies and the abundant financial support in order to realize the group of the company's development by expanding the scale, improving the production value and improving the craftsmanship.


We all know that mining manufacturing machinery belongs to the advanced new technology industry, whose equipment need the highest craftsmanship and advanced technology to guarantee the quality, and those equipment owns the following features including large volume, heavy weight, highest value, and that is the reason why our state can give much support to mining machinery by setting up some policies such as tax incentives, fund supporting and so on, which can have the power to encourage the development of the whole mining industry. We believe that our national mining manufacturing industry can realize the rapid development in a short time.

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