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The Great Power to Boost the Rapid Development of Our National Economy

The 30 years’ economic growth has created a miracle in China since the reforming and opening, and China also jumped from the world backward countries to become one of the most important emerging economies. The takeoff of the national economy is mainly due to the proper principles, which certainly cannot get rid of the international situation.


Our national economical development speed is slowly decreased since entering into the new century, and the data even break the threshold of eight percent in the first half of the year, which can predict that our national economic development has come across unprecedented crisis, and the foreign media also predict the negative influence on the world because of the economy increasing speed slowing at the same time. Actually, the slowing speed is one necessary result for china economy because there is no one country which can keep up with one high developing speed all the time in history, and we certainly will not pay less attention to it, and on the contrary, we should look for those reasons in order to takes some methods to solve this in order to lower the influence on our social development and the international economy. To greatly develop the emerging industry, to upgrade the traditional industry can help our state quickly walk towards the rapid developing period, and the mining machinery is one field that we should care about most recently.

Crushers, as the most important components of mining machinery, can occupy one significant position in our national economy, which also is the main strength to boost the rapid development of national economy. Hongxing mining machinery will do our best to contribute to our national economy.


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