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The Noise Issue Influences the Developing course of Hammer Crusher

timeJul 07,2015

Those customers should consider about the application of crusher equipment before purchasing in order to find the suitable machine by relying on their project categories such as road, building construction, the chemical or mining.

Hammer crusher is one of the most common crushers, which has been done so much for the the development of the whole mining enterprises. Hammer crusher has the following features including big crushing ratio, cubic discharging size, less excessive grounded finished products, lower power consumption and so on. The application on hardness materials is limited because of the quick grinding on hammerhead, and it is not being used to crush those materials with big humidity and clay containing because the grate is easy to be clogged. That is the reason why this hammer crusher can just be used to crush some fragile materials such as limestone, coal, granite, shale, chalk, gypsum.


Recently, we found that hammer crusher has some disadvantages including high noise, high frequency malfunction, lower producing efficiency, which causes some resistance in the development process, and that is the true reason why it cannot be continuously developed, perhaps the result of it is being dumped.

The only thing that we can do now is to come up with ideas to solve the above problems of hammer crusher by enhancing the researching strength and developing ability.

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