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Can The Ball Mill Grind Glass Silicates For Powder?

timeOct 14,2021

 1. Can the ball mill grind the glass ?  
The answer must be yes, but it should be reminded that not all the ball mills can be used for glass pulverizing, nor all the glass can be pulverized.  Reasons might be as following:
1. 1 Glass powder or raw material powder for glass manufacturing have high requirements for iron content inside, so when selecting the ball mill equipment, it is necessary to choose the ball mill with high aluminum brick lining or ceramic lining plate.  

1.2 For some glass products with large fiber, ball mill is not particularly applicable, recommend manual grinding or airflow grinding.  Therefore, it is suggested that customers in the selection of ball mill equipment for glass powder must ask the business, choose a more suitable grinding method for their production.

2. How much is a ball mill for glass grinding and crushing ?   
Now that you know the ball mill can be used for glass grinding, then let ' s talk about the price of this equipment.    First of all, there are more than one type of ball mill with ceramic lining. There are about nine types of ball mills produced by Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. It is necessary to know that the cost of each type of equipment is not equal. The larger the model is, the more the material is, and the higher the price is. Therefore, the specific purchase price is determined by the actual selection of customers.    Secondly, the specific price suggests that customers personally come to the factory for detailed negotiations, because the quotation of such large mining machinery and equipment are negotiable ( what delivery fees, accessories, etc., can be negotiated with the merchants ), so how much will it cost to buy a ball mill for glass grinding in the early stage ?  You still need further negotiations with the merchants to finalize the final offer.

Hongxing has been commited to the manufacturering and exporting of mining machinery and equipment for more than 40 years. If you request the quotation of this ball mill further, you are welcome to consult us online any time, or you can also visit the plant on site for inquiry.

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