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Common Problems and Solutions of Raymond Mill

timeSep 01,2020

Raymond mill is widely used as the main equipment for grinding powder of limestone, lime, calcium carbonate, and gypsum. HXJQ summarizes the common problems and troubleshooting methods of Raymond Mill in daily use.

1. Less powder produced by Raymond mill

The main reason is that the powder locker is not tightly sealed. In the powder milling process, if the powder locker's sealing work is not in place, the phenomenon of powder suction will occur, resulting in no powder or less powder, so check the seal of the powder locker and adjust the degree of sealing.

2. The powder is too coarse or too fine

1) This is because the analysis machine is not working. The analyzer is responsible for analyzing the size of the finished powder, whether it meets the finished product standard, and whether it needs to be ground again. In the case of severe abrasion of the blades of the analyzer, it will not play the role of classification, which will cause the powder to be too coarse or too fine. This situation can be solved by replacing a new blade.

2) Raymond mill fan is not adjusted properly. If the air volume of the fan of the Raymond mill is not adjusted properly, and the air volume is too large, it will also cause abnormal powder output from the mill, and the powder output will be too thick. If the air volume is too small, the powder output will be too fine. If there is no abnormality in other conditions, the air volume of the fan should be adjusted to correct the powder particle size.

3. Powder leakage at the bottom of the mill

There is a gap between the main machine casing and the edge of the grinding disc. It is possible to design a recovery device or a device to prevent leakage, extend the distance between the outer edge of the material bed and the outer edge of the grinding disc, or add a certain height of baffle.

4. Excessive fan vibration

Accumulation of powder or unbalanced wear on the blades or loose anchor bolts will cause excessive vibration of the fan. We can specifically adjust by removing the powder accumulation on the blades or replacing the blades and tightening the anchor bolts.

In addition to these common problems, we must pay attention to some matters when using and operating, which can reduce Raymond mill's failures. The specific methods are:

1. Ensure normal working load and refuse overload work.

2. Reasonable lubrication. Choose the appropriate lubricant according to the type of machinery and application structure, select the appropriate quality level according to the requirements of the machinery, and select the appropriate lubricant brand according to the working environment of the machinery and different seasons.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance. Through regular inspection and maintenance, we must understand the operation of the machinery in time, and deal with temporary failures.

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