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How to Deal With The Gear Wear of Ball Mill

timeMay 13,2021

The ball mill is a very important equipment in the beneficiation plant. In order to ensure the service life of the ball mill, the life of the gear of the ball mill must be ensured, because the gear of the ball mill is a mechanical element that realizes the transmission of operation and power of the ball mill. Once the gear of the ball mill is damaged, the production of the ball mill will be stopped and repaired.

Below we summarize some of the reasons for the wear of ball mill gears and the corresponding treatment methods, hoping to help customers.

1. Improper selection and improper use of lubricating oil

The choice of lubricating oil and lubrication method are important means to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill gear, and it is also a necessary condition for noise reduction and wear reduction.

In the beneficiation plant, the technicians are relatively random in the selection and use of the lubrication of the ball mill gears. This will lead to insufficient viscosity of the lubricating oil during the operation of the ball mill gears, and can not form a protective oil film effectively, resulting in wear of the ball mill gears. Therefore, in order to reduce the wear of the gears of the ball mill, it is necessary to strictly follow the standard oil used for the ball mill lubricant and select the correct lubrication method.

When choosing lubricants, two things need to be paid attention to. One is the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and the other is the oiliness of the lubricating oil.

When choosing a lubrication method, you need to ensure that the lubrication method is reasonable.

2. Poor sealing performance on the end face of the transmission gear

The size of the transmission gear of the ball mill is generally relatively large. According to the relevant design standards stipulated by the country, a certain numerical error is allowed on the gear surface. Therefore, a sealing device is required to ensure the sealing performance between the gears of the ball mill.

However, in the existing processing technology, many ball mill gear sections are processed by the end face press method. The gear produced by this process has a good effect in the early use, and the sealing performance is well guaranteed, however, after running for a period of time, the felt on the end face will be squeezed, which will cause the elasticity of the felt to lose its effectiveness, which will result in the failure of the sealing performance of the gear.

A failed sealing device will cause more dust and impurities to enter the gear. Under long-term operation, the gear surface will be severely worn, which will not only greatly reduce the service life, but also affect the subsequent maintenance and installation operations.

In order to ensure the sealing of the gears of the ball mill, the precision and hardness of the gears can only be strengthened during the production and processing of the gears of the ball mill, and do daily inspections and regular maintenance during use.

3. The hardness of the gear of the ball mill is not up to the standard

According to the relevant national standards, the hardness of the large gear of the ball mill must reach HB300 or even above, and the hardness of the tooth surface of the small gear must also be HRC45 or above. However, in actual production, some production simply cannot meet the above hardness requirements.

In addition, in order to save equipment maintenance time, some miners have omitted the internal stress treatment process of gears, which made it difficult for the gear to meet the hardness requirements in the actual production, thus reducing the wear resistance of the gear of the ball mill.

To improve the hardness of the gears of the ball mill, you need to do this.

1.When buying a ball mill, you must choose a ball mill manufacturer with good quality.

2. When the ball mill gear is installed, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the national regulations to ensure that the top clearance, runout, and contact of gears meet the specified requirements.

3. In the subsequent operation of the gear, the working condition of the gear should be checked regularly. When the wear reaches the upper limit, it should be repaired or replaced in time. If the surface of the small gear is found to be rough, it can be manually polished to reduce the roughness of the gear surface; if the large gear is severely worn, because of its high cost, it can be repaired or turned over to continue using it, which will not only extend the use time , But also reduce the investment in the gear. .

In this regard, we will configure the corresponding ball mill gears according to the needs and requirements of users, which can not only effectively ensure the efficient and stable operation of the ball mill, but also greatly reduce the various problems of the ball mill.

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