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How to Improve the Beneficiation Recovery Rate of Copper Ore Processing Equipment

timeJun 19,2020

The beneficiation of copper ore is basically flotation separation. The flotation process of single copper sulfide ore is generally relatively simple. It is different from the complex copper sulfide ore only in the structure of grinding - flotation. Here is a primary grinding - flotation - coarse and concentrate regrinding process.

The factors that affect the recovery rate of copper ore beneficiation are mainly the mineral composition of the ore, the mineral particle size, the structure, the number of useful and harmful components and their occurrence status, the percentage of various minerals, the degree of oxidation of the ore and the beneficiation process, etc. The following introduces several effective methods to improve the recovery rate of copper ore beneficiation.

1. Improve the beneficiation process

With the improvement and development of beneficiation technology, the beneficiation plant can adopt measures like regrinding technology of coarse and concentrate, mixed concentrate, and medium ore and selective beneficiation reagents to stabilize the copper concentrate grade by more than 20% , and at the same time, copper recovery rate has also remained at a relatively high level.

2. Pay attention to the comprehensive recovery of valuable minerals

The development of beneficiation technology also makes the comprehensive recovery of valuable components associated with copper ore highly valued, such as the recovery of gold, silver, iron, sulfur, molybdenum and other elements, especially the recovery rate of gold and silver. The recovery of these valuable minerals by the beneficiation plant can increase the recovery rate of the copper ore, and at the same time improve the economic efficiency of the beneficiation plant.

3. Using high-efficiency flotation machine

Flotation machine is the main flotation separation equipment sorting copper concentrator. At present, there are JJF , KYF , BSK and BF flotation machines in China. The use of high-efficiency flotation machine can improve the grade and recovery rate of concentrate.

4. Equipment large-scaling

Equipment large-scaling is one of the main measures to improve the technical and economic indicators of copper processing plant. The beneficiation plant should choose the large equipment suitable for its construction scale as much as possible, which is conducive to the realization of automatic control of production, improve the recovery rate of copper ore, reduce energy consumption and cost, and improve the economic efficiency of the beneficiation plant.

5. Improve the level of automation of mineral processing

Copper ore beneficiation plant can adopt automatic measures and equipment such as chain control of the crushing system, automatic control of the constant ore feed rate of the grinding system, flotation liquid level control, slurry acidity and alkalinity control, fluorescence online analysis and computer monitoring, and intelligent computerized drug feeding control. , thereby increasing the mineral recovery.

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