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CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2008

timeJun 29,2011

CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2008 will be held at Beijing International Convention Center on November 11-13, 2008. CHINA MINING Congress is hosted by the Ministry of Land & Resources, China is supported by domestic & international governments, associations as well as organizations including the World Bank Group, China Mining Association, Australian Embassy and Canadian Embassy.

As one of the world's top four mining events and the biggest Asian platform for mining exploration and exploitation, the event provides an important channel for communication and exchanging information among global mining enterprises, while building relationships.

After a very successful event last year, CHINA MINING Congress & Expo is now approaching its 10th anniversary. More than 3000 registered delegates, 300 exhibitors and 30 sponsors from 45 countries and regions participated in last year's CHINA MINING Congress & Expo. With a larger exhibition space and more conference streams we are expecting even more attendees of the world wide mining community to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CHINA MINING Congress & Expo in this year.

CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2008 consists of three parts?conferences, exhibitions and featured events.


During the conferences, high-level speakers from both Chinese and foreign mining industries will present and discuss new developments, investment policies and programs of the Chinese mining industry. CHINA MINING Congress speakers include high-level Chinese and International government representatives, domestic and international experts as well as CEOs and General Managers of large international mining companies. What they think and say matters.

CHINA MINING Congress will have an in-depth discussion about various topics including CEO Forum, Mining Investment and Financing, New Technology and Equipments, Mining and Sustainable Development, Mining Commodities, Mining Valuation and Service. For the 10th anniversary of CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, we will invite Mining Ministers from ten countries. The developments and trends of mining exploration will be discussed in this session. The conference will also increase the networking opportunities to address  business issues that are relevant for the participants.

This year's exhibition will still include the Countries Pavilions, the Chinese Government Area, and an Equipment Exhibition Area. Exhibitors consist of governments and associations, banks, stock exchanges, insurance and investment companies, consulting companies, accounting and law firms, mining evaluation services, mining rights traders,trading companies, geological exploration companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, universities, training institutions and medias and publishers, which covering most of sections in the mining industry.

CHINA MINING Expo will open up the D galleries on the second floor in addition to the original A, B, C galleries on the first floor. Total amount of booths will reach to 400 in order to meet the growing demand of exhibition space.

On the occasion of CHINA MINING Expo's 5th anniversary, a large number of professional buyers and visitors from nearly 50 counties and regions will participate. Currently, there are a number of countries' governments departments that will organize their nationals to attend the exhibition. Canada, Australia, Chile, USA, Brazil, Japan, Mongolia, South Africa, and Nigeria are just a few of the countries that will be represented. Until now, more than 150 booths have been booked or reserved, totally 18 domestic and international companies including CIBC, Sino Gold and China Mining metals have confirmed to be sponsors of this year' event.

Featured Events

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the CHINA MINING Congress, the organizing committee will promote several featured events, including CHINA MINING Awards Nomination,CHINA MINING Congress's 10th Anniversary Achievements Exhibition, the Awards Gala Dinner, Students Day, Mine Site Visit and Golf Function.

CHINA MINING Awards are being presented in five different categories. They recognize and promote innovation and co-operation achievements in China. Focusing on exceptional success stories in exploration, mining, technical innovation and sustainable behavior, they reward industrial leaders for forward looking business strategies. The CHINA MINING Awards focus on joint ventures that are leading the way in China's mining industry. You are invited to participate in CHINA MINING Awards by nominating a company for an Award in one of the five categories. 

CHINA MINING Expo has been held successfully for the past four years, with CHINA MINING Congress held at the same time also welcoming its 10th anniversary ceremony. Conferences,exhibitions and featured events, as the three core content of CHINA MINING Congress & Expo, are contributed to greater world appeal and influence of CHINA MINING Congress & Expo with its emerging distinctive manner. CHINA MINING Congress & Expo not only collects tremendous information stream, capital stream and technology stream, but also provide a convenient channel for domestic and international mining companies for a purpose of economic and trading cooperation and communication between China and the world. CHINA MINING Congress & Expo has grown to be a matured community of gathering East Asia and international professionals in the mining sector. However, CHINA MINING Congress & Expo will continue to impel the constant development of global mining economy with its cohesive effect and core impact. We confidently believe that CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2008 is going to build a wider stage for a better dialogue communication and cooperation opportunity for governments, enterprises and all circles from each country.

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