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Double Spiral Sand Washer
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Double Spiral Sand Washer

The double-spiral ore washing machine is a kind of spiral sand washing equipment. Because the internal structure contains two spirals, it is called double-spiral.

Product Introduction

The double-spiral Sand Washer is a kind of spiral sand washing equipment. Because the internal structure contains two spirals, it is called double-spiral. The double spiral Sand Washer is a new product developed by Hongxing Machine for market demand. It has good sealing performance and relies on the transmission to ensure the cleaning and dewatering effect. It is a new type of high-efficiency ore washing equipment used in combination with sand making machine. The double-spiral ore washing machine is widely used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants, hydropower stations and other industries. With high cleanliness, reasonable structure, large processing capacity, and low power consumption, it is a new choice for the upgrading of the ore washing industry.

Double Spiral Ore Washing Machine

Outstanding Advantages

High cleanliness and high precision

Low energy consumption and long-term stable operation

Simple and modular structure and easy maintenance

Double Spiral Ore Washing Machine

Working Principle

When the double-spiral Sand Washer is working, the impeller rotates by the motor, and at the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, and the foreign matter with a small specific gravity is taken away in time and is discharged from the overflow port. The clean sand is taken away by the blade, and finally, the sand is poured from the spiral impeller into the discharge chute, which completes the cleaning operation of the gravel.

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Technical Parameter

Model XK-1933 XK-1600
Chute Lenth(mm) 9200 7630
Chute Width(mm) 1933 1600
Feeding Size(mm) <100 <75
Procession Capacity(t/h) 50-150 40-120
Motor Y250M-6/37 Y250M-6/37
Reducer HH2SH8 i=25 JZQ850 i=23.34
Sprial Shaft Rotation Speed
39 22.7
Sprial Diameter 860mm Double Sprial 750mm Double Sprial
Install Inclination(º) 10 10
Chute Size(mm×mm) 9200×1933 7630×1600
11983×2750×2485 9771×2547×2010

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materisla Aan Feeding Sizes.

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