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Fine Sand Recycling Machine
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Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Processing Water Volume: 30-650m³/h

Separator Spec: 250-900mm

Sand Pump Power: 11-55Kw

Product Description

The fine sand recovery machine separates the slurry with the concentration≤40% into the hydrocyclone separator through the slurry pump, and the separated coarse fraction enters the dehydration flash sieve for dehydration recovery. Maximize the recovery of materials above 75cm, remove sludge and clay below 75cm, can be used with the sand washing machine on the existing production line, or can be used alone to improve resource utilization and maximize revenue.

Fine Sand Recycling Machine

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Technical Parameter

Model Sand Pump
Power (kw)
Sepatator Spec
Dewatering Screen Processing Water
Volume (mm)
HX-250 11 250 800×2000 2×0.75 30-60
HX-300 15 300 800×2000 2×0.75 60-100
HX-350 18.5 350 1000×2000 2×1.5 70-130
HX-550 22 550 1200×3000 2×2.2 100-220
HX-650 30 650 1500×3000 2×3 120-272
HX-750 37 750 1500×3000 2×3 180-350
HX-750(Ⅱ) 45 750 1800×3600 2×4 230-430
HX-900 55 900 1800×3600 2×4 450-650

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materisla Aan Feeding Sizes.

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