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Permanent Magnetic Roller
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Permanent Magnetic Roller

Input Size: <70--<80 mm

Processing Capacity: 5-430 t/h

Belt Width: 650-1400mm

Product Description

The permanent magnet magnetic roller is a kind of permanent magnet roller, also called magnetic pulley, which has two kinds of permanent magnet and electromagnetic. There are many specifications, the diameter of the drum is 600 to 1200mm, and the corresponding belt conveyor is 650 to 1400mm wide.Permanent magnet magnetic drums are widely used in many fields, such as waste rock recycling in concentrators, steel slag treatment in steel mills, iron removal in raw materials in cement plants, power plants, coal, ports, building materials industries, etc., and now a 450m iron ore dry Pre-selection.

Scope of application

Outstanding Advantages

1.High-performance composite magnetic system, magnetic system adopts new high-performance magnetic material

2. High-strength and high-reliability mechanical structure ensures the normal operation of the magnetic roller in various harsh environments.

3. The magnetic declination adjustment device is flexible and reliable, and the circumferential position of the magnetic system in the drum can be adjusted arbitrarily. Even if it is operated at different belt speeds, the large ore can be placed in the magnetic region to facilitate sorting.

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Technical Parameter

Model Cylindrical Dimensions
Belt Width
Magnetic field intensity of
cylinder surface
Input Size
Processing Capacity
XCT465 400×650 500  Customized range
1600-4500 gauss
<70 5
XCT565 500×650 500 <70 10
XCT665 600×650 500 <70 15
XCT680 600×800 650 <80 20
XCT780 750×800 650 <80 25
XCT795 750×950 800 <80 30
XCT995 900×950 800 <80 150-210
XCT10115 1000×1150 1000 <80 350-430

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materisla Aan Feeding Sizes.

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