Sand Dryer

Applied Materials: sand, river sand, slag, yellow sand, quartz sand, silica sand, artificial sand, mineral sand, cinder, etc.

Applied Areas: road and house building, refractory materials, cement mortar, concrete industry, etc.

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What is Sand Dryer

Sand dryer is a kind of industrial drying equipment for drying various sand and other material. Sand dryer is also known as silica sand dryer, rotary dryer, three-drum dryer, etc. Drying sand through the dryer can increase the output high efficiently, and dry sand is easily to be sold, so sand dryer can make higher returns for investors.

HXJQ is a leading-brand and reliable sand dryer manufacturer and supplier in China, and has exported sand drying machines to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

Application of Sand Dryer

Sand Dryer has a strong adaptability to many kinds of materials and dry sand can be applied for different areas.

Applied Materials:

1、Sand, river sand, slag, yellow sand, quartz sand, silica sand, artificial sand, mineral sand

2、Raw coal powder, semi-coke, coal gangue, coal ash, cinder

3、fly ash, limestone, slag, clay, gypsum, mixture

4、Iron powder, zinc ore powder and other ore powder

Applied Areas:

Sand is an essential material for curing strength of cement mortar. Dry sand is used in concrete of road building. Sand is an important material in mortar for house building and decoration. It can also be used for sewage treatment, artificial beach and other industries like the manufacture of glass, refractory materials, casting, etc.

Tech Data of Sand Dryer

Item/Unit/Model Φ2.5×7m Φ2.7×7m Φ3.0×7.0m Φ3.2×7.0m Φ3.6×8m
Diameter of outer cylinder(m) 2.5 2.7 3.0 3.2 3.6
Length of outer cylinder(m) 7 7 7.0 7.0 8
Cylinder volume( m³ ) 16.63 16.63 52.678 52.678 81.38
Rotating speed of cylinder(rpm) 4-10 4-10 4 -10 4 -10 4 -10
Initial moisture of slag(%) 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12
Final moisture of slag(%) 1 1 1 1 1
Initial moisture of yellow ground(%) 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10
Final moisture of yellow ground (%) 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1 0.5-1
Highest intake air temperature(℃) 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃ 700-750℃
Production capacity(T/h) Yellow sand25-30
Yellow sand30-35
Yellow sand35-40
Yellow sand45-50
Yellow sand65-70
Motor type Y2-132m-4E Y2-132m-4E Y2-160m-4 Y2-160m-4 Y2-160m-4
Motor power(kw) 7.5×2 11×2 7.5×4 7.5×4 15×4
Reducer type XWD7-23-11W XWD7-23-11W XWD6-23-7.5KW XWD6-23-7.5KW XWD8-23-15KW
Velocity ratio of reducer 29 29 29 29 29

How Does a Sand Dryer Work?

Sand is fed into the hopper by belt conveyor and bucket elevator, while heat carrier enters from the other end, forming counter-current contact with sand. Also, there are rotary dryers in which the heat carrier and the material are flowed into the drum from the same end. A lifting plate in dryer drum is to raise and sprinkle the material, making the material and the air flow is easily to contact and increase the drying rate. Wet sand are heated by the heat carrier directly or indirectly in sand dryer. Then the dried sand are sent out at the discharge port by conveyor. Besides, dust collector can be used for reducing the dust in sand drying system.

4 Reasons to Choose HXJQ's Sand Dryer

HXJQ's Latest Customer Cases

76t/h River Sand Dryer From India

Applied Material: river sand

Processing Capacity: 76t/h

Initial Humidity: 8%-10%

Final Humidity: 1%

Order Date: January 2019

Customer Feedback: "I found sand dryer on the Internet by Google search. After leaving a message on HXJQ website, hoping that HXJQ could provide me with a set of river sand dryer equipment. The engineer of HXJQ sent the machine’s price to me, patiently answered my questions and invited me to visit the factory. Finally, I chose HXJQ as my supplier."

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50t/h Quartz Sand Dryer From Malaysia

Applied Material: Quartz Sand and Garnet Sand

Processing Capacity: 50t/h

Initial Humidity: 10%

Final Humidity: 0.7%

Order Date: June 2019

Customer Feedback: "After knowing the price of different suppliers, compared with other companies, I found the price of HXJQ is more reasonable, and professional engineers offer us suitable solution, saving my budget. HXJQ is really a trustworthy manufacturer in China."

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