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4 Ways to Reduce Wear of Impeller of Flotation Machine

timeAug 01,2020

It is very important to understand the causes of flotation machine wear and preventive methods. Froth flotation is one of the main methods for separating mineral raw materials. Flotation machines are important equipment in the flotation process. At present, mechanical flotation machines are widely used, and impeller systems are important for mechanical agitation flotation machines as one of the working components. However, due to long-term contact with chemicals and the erosion of the ore slurry, the impeller becomes one of the vulnerable parts of the flotation machine, which will change some important parameters of the flotation machine itself, and affect the aeration volume and the uniformity of aeration, which will deteriorate the flotation effect and increase the maintenance of the equipment.

Causes of flotation machine impeller wear

1. Erosion wear

The solid particles mixed in the slurry impact the surface, causing elasticity on the surface of the impeller and shedding of surface materials.

2. Cavitation wear

When the impeller rotates to discharge the slurry, air pressure will be formed and bubbles will be generated. After the bubble is formed, it moves with the slurry, and when the bubble bursts, it impacts the material surface in a directional direction.

Reduce wear of flotation machine impeller

1. Change the outlet angle of the blade

A smaller blade exit angle can minimize the impact of particles on the blade working surface. The blade exit angle is generally 30°-40°.

2. Adjust the outlet width of the blade

Increasing the width of the blade, on the one hand, reduces the relative speed at the impeller outlet and reduces the wear of the impeller, and on the other hand makes the outlet slurry flow rate distribution uniform.

3. Reduce the number of blades

Fewer blades can reduce the congestion at the inlet of the impeller, thereby reducing the wear. The number of blades of the flotation machine is generally 4~7.

4. Control the size and hardness of solid particles

The size and hardness of solid particles in the slurry are important factors that affect the wear behavior of impeller materials. The increase in particle size and hardness will cause the erosion rise continuously. Therefore, in the daily working process of the flotation machine, the particle size of the flotation material should be strictly controlled.

In addition to changing the parameters of the impeller device of the flotation machine and the particle size of the feed, the quality of the impeller itself is also an important factor affecting the life of the flotation machine impeller. It is recommended to choose a manufacturer with quality qualification to purchase the flotation machine, which can ensure the quality of the flotation machine and choose equipment that is more in line with the scale of the project, thereby reducing the cost of beneficiation and increasing the rate of return on investment.

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