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Daily Protection of Crushers in Winter

timeJan 05,2016

As the weather is getting cold, some customers reflect that crushers occasionally fail to work. Crushers' special work environment of working outdoors make their operating state to a large extent affected by the weather. Therefore it is normal of crushers cannot work very well in winter. But there are still some methods can help crushers to keep normal operation in the low temperature condition.


Firstly, we we should inspect the crusher regularly in use process. Inspecting crushers to ensure there is no wear parts, flexible accessories, or absence of screws, and to solve the problem in time.

Secondly, to make comprehensive commissioning of crusher regularly , and to ensure every shift is in a normal boot operation, so that can guarantee the normal work.

Thirdly, we should always work on lubrication to the crusher. This work can not only guarantee flexibility of the parts, but also maintain the service life of parts, and finally get the use of long-term and save costs.

The above work seem to be very trivial steps. However, they can effectively guarantee the crusher work as usual and bring us more profit. As the proverb says, "Kill two birds with one stone". So why not act from now on??

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