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How to Choose the Suitable Crusher Equipment?

Introduction: crusher industry belongs to a traditional mechanical industry. It has up to dozens of kinds of crushers today. Therefore this text is to talk about how to choose the suitable crusher equipment.


First, according to what kind of crushing material characteristics. Take limestone as an example. Limestone is the most common material. If you are ready to purchase limestone crusher, you have a wide choice of crusher types. Because almost all the crushers can be used to crush limestone, the most popular ones like jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, etc.

Second, according to the crushing material feed size, outlet size, production and other technical parameters. Then choose the most suitable type and size among all the kinds of crushers that suitable for limestone.

Third, according to the crusher features to design the whole crushing line line auxiliary equipment when crusher type is selected and configured. For example, if you select jaw crushers, while designing the feeding equipment it is necessary that the feeder must be able to meet the feeding size. Because uneven jaw crusher feeding will lead to many problems such as lower production capacity, non-uniform product size, too much spring action, power consumption rose, and so on.


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