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The Influence of Mining Machinery on Our Social Sustainable Development

timeJul 05,2016

Our national mining machinery has made a big difference on some aspects of the crushing field after so many years' researching, which has greatly shown our comprehensive strength on the independent creative ability, such as the hammer crusher has become the pioneer in this field because of the continuous improvement of the hammerhead, interior plate and the impact plate.

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Crusher cannot be got rid of in the coal exploration process, and the bigger marketing demand for coal cannot be satisfied by the ordinary crushers, and that is the reason why there are so many small size quarries enter into the field, which causes the situation where supplying cannot satisfy the marketing demand, even there were some customers who decided to purchase the equipment without any hesitation, and then put that machine into the production process.

Our national mining machinery has been 20 years behind the foreign developed countries, so there must be some difficult obstacles in the realizing comprehensive utilization of those resource recycling reincarnation, but the developed countries have found some methods to realize the multiple recycling usage, and the main methods are including the following three aspects: one is taking the multiple methods to realize the recycling such as recovery cycle, the cycle of mutual benefit, feedback cycle, links reincarnation, transmigration decomposition, the second is taking various methods to improve the comprehensive usage level, and the third is to develop the renewable resources.

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