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The Main Function of Crushing Equipment on Some Related Fields

timeJul 07,2016

The function of crushing equipment is very enormous in some related fields, so today we will introduce some specific aspects to our customers in detail today.

There are so many equipment with different types and specification in the mining machinery, such as the crushers that can be commonly used in our daily life, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on. What kinds of equipment we should choose, and whether there can be some guiding instruction in the purchasing process, can become the most important thing.

crushing equipment

There are two important technological procedures from the purchasing to the usage in the production process, one is the installation procedure, but why this step is so important? As we all know that one good beginning is the half the success, and the smooth operation on the period of installation and jobsites choosing can be avoid of some problems that can be appeared in the production process. There are some requirements on the jobsites, such as the equipemtn should be put on the concrete base horizontally while being fixed with the anchor bolts, another strict requirement is to pay much more attention to the electrical line and the configuration of the power energy, and the last is to test whether the equipment can be smoothly operated.

Secondly, we should pay much more attention to the daily usage, maintenance of the equipment. The core worker of the crushers is the bearings that shoulder all of the load device, so the excellent lubrication oil can directly decide whether the lifespan of the bearings, and that is the reason why this aspect must be put into the daily maintenance wile the timely replacement of the wearing components also is very important.

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