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The Transformation of Sandstone Industry Promotes the Innovation of Hongxing

timeJul 21,2016

Sandstone is one indispensable aggregate of the modern building construction, which has made a big difference to our national economical development. We can say that sandstone is the backbone, and there will not buildings, roads, railways without the existing of sandstone. The amount of sandstone is being increased rapidly in recent years, and certainly there will be some higher requirements for the sandstone standards.

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The sandstone production is basically in one original production situation before the reforming and opening to the outside, and the equipment being used is just one screen and one shovel, and the so-called large-size mining machinery or some complete equipment is rare, or even we can say there is no existing in one situation like that, and the there is no people living around the production jobsites, and the poor transportation determined to explore at the local.

The principle of reforming and opening to the outside boosted the rapid development of our national infrastructure construction, and something had been changed greatly in the sandstone industry while some related principles were being improved. Hongxing mining machinery combined the tendency of the marketing demand and the technological development on the basis of introducing the advanced skills from the home and abroad, and the main products are including the crushers, sand making machine, mobile crusher and powder grinding machine, which can be widely used in mining, building construction, roads, bridge, coal, the chemical, metallurgy and so on.

The rapid development of sandstone industry and the urgent demand for sandstone equipment can boost our national brand into one higher level in the international market, and Hongxing, as the leading representative, can provide the higher level crushing and screening equipment, which also can provide the strong technological support for the future development orientation.

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