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The Prosperous Future of Mining Machinery in the Mainland

Mining machinery is the basis of the independent industrial system of one country, which also is one symbol of balancing the industrial strength of one state. Mining machinery should get the strong support from the support according to the related principles on some fields that our state strongly supports in recent years in order to provide much better technological and equipment support for the exploration on coal, metal and non-metal mining, which also can help to satisfy the requirement of our national economical development on energy and raw material.

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The tendency of the modern opencast mining is developing towards to the large-scale, continuous production and the equipment modernization at this right minute, and some experts point out that the R & D of mining is the development orientation of the technological progress of the large-size mining, and the exploration technology should develop towards to the automation, the hydraulic and the automation.

Hongxing mining machinery continuously improves the products by combining the marketing demand with the customers' feedback, and introducing the international excellent technology while making the technological percentage of the products be on the leading position by comparing with the other competitors, which can help us to enhance the competition in the mining market at last.

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