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The Significant Importance of Improving the Development of the Technological Creation

The biggest problem that existing in the whole mining machinery is that there is no the strong and the large-scale technological service industry in this enormous mining market at this right minute, and the most effective operation model also cannot be found out, which not only prevent the development of the whole mining filed, but also can be one tragedy for the prospect.

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Only the creation can break through the bottleneck, and only the creation can boost the development. The creative development of the technological service field of mining machinery not only is the important components of our national creative development, but also it can be the key element that helping our state achieve the long-term development in the international marketing competition.

We can predict that there still are some developing opportunities in our china market, and the annual sales also can have the possibility to be increased, but there must be some infection existing while the mining machinery equipment is saturated in the society. Sales is one of the cores before the appearance of the infection, and the sales service will become the competition core after the appearance of the infection.

The customers' requirement is various, including the spare parts, maintenance, technological consultation, equipment trading, equipment manufacturing and so on, which is the important way to expand the range of the technological service field.


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