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Jaw Crusher Makes Used Batteries into Treasure

timeFeb 28,2012

As people material conditions improve, people used to some bottles, cans, box such things as garbage disposal,and cause the environmental pollution of constantly again.In fact it is a recycling of resources, we should make full use of it and turn waste into treasure.

Due to the seat with narrow width jaw crusher, good stability and internal structure and machine a shaft link 4-7 fixed the knife dish, the fixed knife for S type, can turn to use two times, the fixed knife in the metal crusher has forced feeding and compulsory broken and so on the function, and meet inflammable and explosive, the recovery tank can eliminate emissions explosion safety.The hammer adopt train wheel steel forging materials and become, density,economic durable,hammer is round.In the process of broken, metal material with the hammer of running fast to the metal material broken with hammer a rotating, after a short time rub beat group, the formation of the bottom screen their grain crusher,In the material flow through the dust and the part of the paint or is that a broken the body absorb grain crusher,In the material flow through the dust and the part of the paint or is that a broken the body absorb .

Jaw Crusher structure compact, stable operation and maintenance convenience, high working efficiency, to realize the automation and the material mouth homework with magnetic separation device.It can completely separate iron and other impurities, make the best of waste metal,which can be directly into conveyor, reduce artificial and all aspects of cost, the machine has the most advanced spraying dust removal system, reduce the transportation cost, greatly improve profits.

Hongxing always insist that their technical advantages, adhere to the building garbage collection for development direction, in science and technology,we research produce to meet market the demand of the construction waste disposal system, basically have fixed construction waste disposal equipment and mobile equipment, such as construction waste, citing modern advanced technology to achieve the rational utilization of waste.

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