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The development history of Chinese sand makers

timeFeb 29,2012

Following the development of infrastructure construction in our country, such as the construction of facilities of high-speed rail, expressway, security housing, real estate and etc., all of these need for sandstone more. Our country officially prohibits the mining and using of natural sandstone, which causes that the supply for sandstone can not satisfy the demand for the construction. So the artificial sand maker produce the sand to make up the need. There are crushers, sand makers and belt conveyors that consist the process flow of artificial sand production, which are now seen in many production sites or sand manufacturers. All these reasons urge the new opportunity for the development of artificial sandstone.

The history of the development of artificial sandstone in our country can be divided in three stages. The first one is exploration stage. Because of the immature of the technique and none manufacturing reference, people are to explore the new techniques. During the second and third stages, people are still exploring the techniques by means of the experience of home and abroad to innovate the techniques. So the sand makers produced now are qualified and well grain of sand and the sandstone produced are no worse than the natural sandstone. At the same time the nowadays equipment not only is with high output and small energy, but also protects the environment and contributes to the sustainable developments greatly.

Chinese artificial sand makers are developed from 1960s and were used on Maotiaohe hydropower station, but with limited technique at that time the sand makers used were low efficient. Undergoing the development until 1965 the beginning of construction of sand makers in Yingxiuwan had the volume of production 160t/h, which is a big improvement and uncovered the beginning of Chinese artificial sand makers.

From 1990s, with the more infrastructure constructions and continuous construction of various kinds of hydropower stations, such as Three Gorges Project, Xiaolangdi Project and other large hydraulic projects, all of these drive the technological advance and mature developmental opportunity of sand makers. According to the statistical data, the output of the used sand making production line was about 1000t/h in the Xiaolangdi Project and materials were quartz sand pebbles. But not too mature techniques causes serious worn of equipment. Till now, the theory of impact crusher and sand making are commonly used and these equipment greatly relieve the requirement for the equipment materials because of hardness of supply material.

Along the development of techniques and decades of production development experience and Improvement and optimization of previous equipments, the new type crusher and sand making system are created, which are applied in the artificial stone production line. The new type VSI sand maker, artificial sand maker, impact crusher and other series new type equipment largely satisfy the requirements of production and mobile crushing station series are created for the handling the construction wastes. The country also assists the development of sand makers with the development of society. The development of artificial sand making equipment and innovation of techniques will welcome a period of well and fast development.

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