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Functions and Roles of Vibrating Screen

timeMar 26,2012

This machine is of multilayer and high efficiency (three layers or four layers); it is often used in the behind of Jaw or impact type. The equipment manufactured by Hongxing Machinery adopted eccentric shaft vibration exciter and partial block helps to adjust amplitude, this kind of screen is of long stream line, many specifications and clear screening for different specifications. So it is widely used in the industries of quarry, building material, traffic, energy, chemistry and other industries. It is generally used with stone crushing equipment together or separately for screening and classifying of natural stones and sands and other materials of a vast range of size according to different sub-sizes. Specifically, the screening machine works based on the following analysis of its functions. YK Series linear screen absorbs st1:country-region w:st='on' Germany technology with high efficiency. The amplitude can be adjusted. The screening line is long and specification of materials is various, and it is also of reliable structure, strong exciting force, and high screening efficiency. It is widely used in sieve different sizes of aggregate.

Vibrating Screen

The first one is selective screening and classifying. In this case, it is mainly used after stone crushing for screening and classifying of the material according to the sizes although it is sometimes used separately for natural stones and sands. Besides, it is also used for removal of mud, water and other impurities from the material. The second one is assistant screening and classifying. In this situation, it usually assists the stone crushing in the whole production in two ways: first, screening and classifying in advance. Vibrating screen separates fine particles from the material before stone crushing so that they are processed in next procedure without crushing. As a result, the crushers work with a higher productivity and the over-crushing phenomenon seldom occurs. Second, screening and classifying for inspection. It inspects the material after stone crushing and separates qualified products in time, and the disqualified products will be crushed once more or rejected.

In addition, vibrating screen is also used before the primary crushing to prevent over-large stones from entering the crusher so that the production goes forward well. It uses common motor to drive vibrator, and makes the screen along with the direction of exciting force do periodic movement to and fro. The materials make circular movement on the screen to realize sieving.

In a word, vibrating screen is flexibly used before or after stone crushing according to the production condition and requirement for complete screening and classifying of the material, contributing to the output realization of different stones and sands. Hongxing vibrating screen's layers can adjust, and furthermore, screen aperture can be tailored according to customers' different needs. We can plus a layer of protective cover to protect the environment. They must be based on the previous jaw or impact crusher to choose vibrating screen's models; three layers have 3YZS-1548, 3YZS-1848, 3YZS-1860, 3YZS-2160, and 3YZS-2460. Four layers have 4YZS-1548, 4YZS-1848, 4YZS-1860, 4YZS-2160, 4YZS-2460. Welcome customers come to consulate.



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