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Application Principle and Type of Vibrating Screen

timeMar 27,2012

In the industrial production process, it is often necessary to classify various raw materials such as ores and rocks, coal and stone materials and different kinds of primary products such as cement, table salt and gourmet powder and other materials into several types according to their granularity, or wipe out the water or foreign matter contained in the material in order to prepare for the further processing and improve the quality of the product, and then screening equipment will be necessary.

Vibratory sieving equipment is a type of commonly used screening machine, which has wide application in various kinds of industries. From mining to metallurgy, from building materials to power and from road and bridge construction to food processing, this kind of screening machine can be seen working everywhere. And we can even say without exaggeration that without this equipment, qualified products with high and best quality can never be manufactured. Such screening equipment is one of the most mining products of our company which provide equipment for many industries and the advantages and disadvantages of its performance directly influences the production capacity and economic index of these departments.

As a producer and manufacturer, we should have a comprehensive knowledge of the vibrating screen. The most frequently used ones are circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen and the screening products of our company are these two kinds. The moving trail of the sieving box of the circular one is a circle or oval. Generally speaking, there is only one axle on the exciter, so it can also be called single shaft vibrating sieve. It is mainly used for classifying materials with different granularity and often installed in a tilt way. It has such advantages as reliable working conditions and high efficiency.

Then how does this equipment work? How does it screen the materials? I think that everyone of us has such experience that when the car turns, the person sitting inside will lean to the other side of the turning, which is resulted from centrifugal force. And the vibrating screen is also working with the inertial exciter manufactured according to this principle. People install a centrifugal material onto the axle and drives it to rotate with a motor or other driving machine, then the centrifugal material will produce a out-forward force relative to the axle center, just like the person who is sitting in the car. The bigger the quality of the centrifugal material, the farther the distance to the axle center, the faster the speed of the rotation, the bigger the centrifugal force will be. What is different from the car turning, the material rotates in a circular motion and produces continuous force along the direction of the circle. It is called exciter and when you install it in a proper way and onto a proper position, it will be able to drive the sieve machine move in a circle and then the circular vibrating screen is manufactured. When you install side by side the axles with the centrifugal material and make them rotate in the same motion and with the opposite direction and then the force produced has the same power with opposite direction so that they will cancel out; however, the forces in the vertical direction will added together and that is how the linear vibrating screen works. In addition to the vibrating screen, there are still other kinds of mining machines such as ore beneficiation machine manufactured by Hongxing Machinery also will do you a lot of favor in your work.

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