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Forward looks on Zhengzhou Hongxing rotary dryer

Large-scale, high strength, high efficiency, and the improvement of the adaptability of the raw material and product quality is a basic development tendency of rotary dryer; At the same time, we should further research and develop new and high efficient dehumidifiers and rotary dryer with special requirements, such as combined rotary dryer, microwave rotary dryer and far-infrared dryer, etc. The development of rotary dryer must take the energy saving and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as joint with various kinds of heating mode; We also improve automatic control technology to ensure the realization of the optimal operating conditions; In addition, with the rising of environmental protection, we need to improve environmental protection measures of rotary dryer and reduce dust and leak out of gas and so on.

The key of the rotary dryer industry will focus on product quality, technology, service and price in the competitiveness. There will be more and more people to pay attention to quality, corrosion resistant materials of rotary dryer and use reliable performance, those will be the focus of the special attention for the user.

Industry association needs to organize regularly freezing dryer enterprises to participate in the results of the international technology exchange and absorption, the latest technology, in order to speed up the whole industry and to improve the technical level. Adjustment of the enterprise does not high improvement in the overall quality, and the management of most enterprise also falls behind, does not accord with the corresponding scale economy. So we should go through the guidance and coordination of industry association to change the development of the blind.

Zhengzhou Hongxing machinery is professional rock and mineral manufacturer and supplier in China. Zhengzhou Hongxing jaw crusher is designed in innovated modularization and non-soldering frame structure, which endows the jaw crusher with high fatigue resistivity, optimal reliability and various installations. Combining with high quality cast steel components and tip-top ball roller bearing, the unique design fully ensures high yielding and efficiency, low cost crushing process. No matter hard and abrasive stones or variable renewable materials, according to your special need and requirements, you will always find the best crushing solution with Zhengzhou Hongxing jaw crushers.


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