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Reliable manufacturer of flotation machine in China

Henan Hoxngxing Mining Machinery 30 years specializing in the production of flotation machine, is China is biggest flotation machine manufacturers .Our flotation machine is the latest design to use the circular tank concept and combines the benefits of circular cells with the unique features of the minerals mechanism to create the ideal conditions to maximize floatation performance for all roughing.

Flotation characteristics

Aspiratory capacity, low power consumption. Both aspiratory per slot, the triple function of grout and flotation, Since its flotation circuit, without any auxiliary machine tool equipment, the level of configuration, ease of process changes. Pulp cycle is reasonable, to minimize the precipitation of coarse sand. Slurry surface-controlled device with easy to adjust. With a backward curved impeller blades up and down. Slurry on the leaves on the cycle, the slurry under the leaves under the loop.

The device applies to the following lines:

Magnetic separation dressing production line

Flotation dressing production line

Re-election dressing production line

Henan Hoxngxing mining machinery is committed to provide the most economic and reasonable investment plan, according to your requirements and actual situation to carry on the reasonable planning.


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