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Design Requirement of New Type Crusher

Whether the design of screening crusher such as jaw crusher is successful or not, in addition to the reasonable whole machine and the proper crushing method, it also is determined by the geometrical shape and the assignment pattern of the crushing teeth. If the crushing teeth is designed reasonably and assigned properly, it will be able to ensure the product granularity, optimize the granularity composition, reduce over crushing, save materials, prolong the service life of the crushing teeth and reduce the energy consumption of the crushing during the crushing process. The new type of screening cone crusher should include the following two main aspects of requirements:

1. On the condition of satisfying the granularity requirement, produce the final products with large granularity and reduce the amount of over crushing materials as much as possible.

2. When the crusher is crushing stone or sand materials, every part of the crushing teeth should carry the same force. Because the crusher is working under the shaft, and the environment is very bad, during the designing process, the experts should make sure that the height of the machine is low, the structure is compact and the machine motor is able to avoid explosion. After the machine is optimized, it will greatly improve the adaptability of the machine in the underworkings.

By way of design and research, this crushing equipment has the following advantages:

1. Precisely control the granularity of the final product: the machine adopts fixed tooth roller center distance to force the materials to be crushed and according to the different disaggregation property of the materials, feeding granularity and discharging size, the experts make special design to the shape of the crushing teeth and the structural size of the teeth roller and optimize the geometrical size from which the product goes through.

2. The machine has relatively high crushing strength. The crushing teeth adopt crushing fluted disc, and the crushing axle adopts high strength alloy steel axle so that the installed power is extremely sufficient.

3. The adoption of the standardized part: the main standardized components use internationally famous brand products such as German FLENDER speed reducer and SKF bearings in order to make sure the machine has excellent reliability and mechanical performance.

4. The equipment can be moved without any difficulty. The machine is equipped with independent moving system, so that when the machine is examine, the customers can move the machine out of its working place for maintenance convenience and if the machine is out of service, the customers can smoothly move the equipment away without influencing the normal work.

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