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Significance of New Grinding Machine Research

timeJun 01,2012

It is becoming more and more important for mining machinery manufacturing companies to research and develop new types of grinding machines during the grinding operation process and developing large sized, energy-saving and fine and super fine grinding mills is a developing tendency of the grinding machines.

At present, compared with the foreign advanced level, the overall manufacturing level of ball mill and the comprehensive performance of the equipment in our country still have a big gap. The main problems existing in the manufacturing of large sized ball mill in the domestic mining machinery manufacturing companies are the manufacturing level and quality of the driving system such as the coupling, rack wheel and the main bearing are very low. Our equipment has a big gap compared with foreign machines in the aspect of the driving method of the ball mill, start of large-sized ball mill, the changing device of the lining plate, automation control and the application of the high-abrasive materials. For this reason, at the same of keeping the size of the mill unchanged, researching and developing the grinding equipment with low energy consumption, high efficiency and adaptability of all ore grinding requirements conforms to the national condition of our country.

The main project of Research and Development Complete Set of Highly Efficient and Energy-saving Large-sized of Mining Equipment in the “eleventh five years’ plan” national scientific and technological support programs also lists the research and development of ultra-critical rotation speed ball mill. It follows that the research topic of ultra-critical rotation speed ball mill not only has innovative property, but is a difficult problem that our country needs urgent resolution.

The ultra-critical rotation speed ball mill is a new type ore grinding equipment that is based on high gravity theory and its grinding principle is completely different from the traditional ball grinders. This milling equipment grinds rocks and ores at the speed of higher than the critical speed of revolution and its guiding mechanism changes the motion trail of the rocks and the ore grinding media which makes the rocks and the ore grinding media moves along the designed parabolic path. During the ore grinding process, the guiding mechanism suffers severe impact of the rocks and the ore grinding media, so that once the guiding mechanism of the ball is damaged, the ultra-critical rotation speed ore grinding will be not existed. Because the cylinder of the ball mill is sealed, it is difficult for people to figure out the real motion situation of the ore grinding media inside the grinding machine, and it is also difficult to directly test and analyze the stress deformation and stress and strain condition from outside of the milling machine, for this reason, it is necessary to make use of a numerical simulation method to analyze the movement characteristics of the ore grinding media and the stress deformation and stress and strain condition of the guiding plate during the grinding process. People often used continuous media simulation and researched with the methods such as finite element and boundary element. However, as the ore grinding media do not satisfy the continuous hypothesis, simulating with an integrated continuous media will inevitably produce relatively big discrepancy. The above analysis is provided by Hongxing Machinery which is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of stone crushing, powder grinding machines and ore beneficiation equipment.

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