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An Analysis on Current Markets of Crushers

1.Large Need Opportunities

The crushes are widely used in mining, smelting, materials-building, road-building, water conservancy and chemistry and other industries, whose development is depended on by the fast development of economy.

Application of mining: With the rectification of the coal profession, some small-scale factories will be closed and bigger-scale factories stay more and more, in the coming years, which will increase the needs of crushers. In recent years, the Western China has developed rapidly. It has been proved that there are 161 kinds of mineral products, whose potential value has occupied 50.45% in the whole country, more than the total number of both in East and Middle China, among 45 kinds of which occupied 5.8% in the whole country. The large mining market will offer opportunities for the constant development of mining equipment and improve the marketing need of crushers.

Application of roads and railways: According to China’s “Long-term Railway Network Plan” and the process of current building project, as well as the predicting result of trend extrapolation, the mileage of railway construction in our country should reach to 80 to 85 thousand in 2010.

Application of chemistry and water conservancy: This application will keep fast constantly increasing, which will also promote the fast increasing of the needs for crushers.

2.Investigating Opportunities of Exporting Markets for Crushers

In current years, the jaw crushers and other impact crushers are mainly exported in the Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania. Since China has been a large country of producing crushers, it is a certain tendency that Chinese crushers will enter the international markets. It is considered that the opportunity of exporting to the Southeast Asia and Africa will be increasing. Firstly, the economy in these two areas is rapidly developed, which leads to a large need of the construction of basic facilities such as traffic or so. Thus, the grade of exploiting the resources of mines gets higher and higher, especially in Africa, which increases the need of crushers. Secondly, the development of crushers in those countries is some kind of backward, mainly depending on import. Last but not least, the products in our countries have the advantage of low price, which makes us can broadly be chosen by those countries.

3.Diversified Investing Opportunities of Crushers Making Enterprises

The diversified investing opportunities mean that the investors (enterprises) should develop projects in different areas and different industries (profession), or develop different products in one profession, in order to enlarge the scope of business and develop the diversification of management. It is an inevitable way for the enterprises to reduce the risks of their management, as well as a tendency of the modern development of the enterprises.

Up to now, the upper products and basic components for exporting are mainly depended on importing. Therefore, it is great opportunities for enterprises to invest the basic techniques and basic components.


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