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Suggestions of Choosing an Ideal Crusher

timeJun 03,2012

Generally speaking, the crushers are used to crush the stones. If the hardness of the materials is not very high, a relatively low-grade crusher can be chosen; if the hardness is a little comparably high, a crusher of high quality can be chosen. Without a proper choice, it may do great harm to the equipment. Since the crushers are mostly used in the industry of sand making, which is large-scale production, the productivity of single crusher can’t meet the needs, therefore, the match of the production line of crushers is needed urgently in the market.

In general, the production line of crushers consists of vibrating feeders, jaw crushers, impact crushers, screens, belt conveyor, concentrated electronic control, and other facilities, which targets to produce 50 to500 tons product per hour. To satisfy different consumers, the cone crushers and sand washers can also be added. The crushing production line is a kind of common equipment among the mine enterprises, which plays an important role in the production line of ores dressing. Being a mining machine, the production line of crushers will meet faults unavoidably during the production and application.

The faults and causes of the line can be divided into several kinds by Hongxing experts:

1. The base bearing of the production line gets heat and abnormal voice, with the engine overloading to deenergize. It may be caused by the following 5 reasons. Firstly, the oiling is not rationally given. Secondly, some mud and sand may get into the base bearing. Thirdly, the base bearing may be broken. Fourthly, the base bearing isn’t set up properly. Lastly, the quantity of feeding is either excessive or insufficient.

2. The crushing production line has the phenomenon of vibrating. It may be caused by the following 4 reasons. Firstly, the wheel gear gets too much abrasion. Secondly, the ground screws or the bearing screws are loosened. Thirdly, the half bolts become flexible. Lastly, the drive bearing is over-broken.

3. The power source of the transmission device engine in the production line is instable or over high. It may be caused by the following 6 reasons. Firstly, the feeder is loosened. Secondly, the oiling is not rationally given. Thirdly, the density of the ores discharge is too high. Fourthly, the weight of the surrounding scaleboard is unbalanced. Fifthly, the wheels are over broken. Lastly, something is wrong with the circuit.

Here are some suggestions of dealing with those questions. 1. Improve the oiling of the feeders. 2. Adjust the operation and change the scaleboard. 3. Fix or mend the wheel gears. 4.Eliminate the electricity fault.

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