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Reasonable Selection of Crushing Theory

timeJun 12,2012

The selection standard of proper crushing equipment includes selection according to the difference of the hardness of all kinds of rocks, and according to the requirements for the shape, granularity and uniformity of fineness of the crushing products.

The basis opinion of the lamination crushing theory is that during every moving cycle of the materials, the adjacent particles will change their relative position, which will result the constant changing of the mutual acting force and vector. In this way, it will realize the purpose that the load of the crushed materials changes their direction. At the same time, it will offer mandatory autogenous grinding, as a result of which, the hardest particles with the least defects in structure will crush the particles with weak key between the adjecent grain. In the particles with the same hardness, the particles coincide at the shear froce and dislocation sliding force will be crushed.

Lamination crushing is that the crushing of rock particles realize not only in particle and the lining plate, but in particles and particles. Its characteristic is that the effective crushing zone in the cone crusher in the crushing chamber will form multi-particle layers with high density, so that it will put all the sufficient crushing force on the materials in order to make full use of the lamination crushing and secondary crushing to gain high crushing ratio. At this time, even for th discharging mouth with big gaps, it can still produce fine products. In addition, those needl and flaky rocks with low hardness will be first crushed, thus producing products with high screening rate and good granularity.

As a new theory of selective crushing, the workers should consider the structural defect and nonuniformity inside the rock materials. Disaggregating all phase with the least newly-born surfaces is the essence of selective crushing. On the basis of this, the mining machinery company manufacturing crushing and grinding equipment such as hammer crusher should research the selective crushing methods and research and develop new crushing technology and equipment that are able to process different materials.

To sum up, the principlea used for properly organizing the crushing are as follows:

1. Massive materials will sustain the volume pressure formed by the part load in different idrections in the thick layers.

2. In order to produce stress on the crystal and the edge of the crystal, the massive materials should repeatedly bear the composite load or crushing force including cutting, bending and twisting.

3. The load should be the pulse that has maximum peak.

4. As for the strength limit and fatigue limit in the defect area, the crushing force should be strictly restricted to a degree.

5. During the aperture time loading crushing cycle, the materials can move relatively and rearrange their mutual position in order to timely separate the particles that conform to the product requirement from the materials layers, and at the same time, to control the density of the materials layers.

6. In order to form onset crack on the surface of the materials, the workers need to mutually impact them.

7. The proportional relationship and loading frequency of the impacting and other composite load value should be selected according to the materials nature and the technological requirements.

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