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Bearing Lubrication Maintenance in Sand Maker Operation

When the sand maker is working, the possible reasons why the bearing becomes warm are lack of oil, dust in the machine and damage of the bearing. The elimination methods are to add oil or cleanse the bearing and change new bearing. After the fine crushing of the sand maker and the drying process of the dryer machine, the grinding mill also plays an important role, so that the correct operation of the grinding mill is also important.

Sand Maker

Sand maker is suitable for crushing and reshaping soft, medium-hard and super-hard materials, and it is widely used in all kinds of dryer machine rocks, cement, refractory materials, iron, glasses, artificial sand and stone and all kinds of metallurgical residues, and it has higher production capacity in producing silicon carbide and bauxite and other high-hard and super-hard materials and abrasive-resisting materials. Sand maker is widely used in the pre-phase in the grinding process, and it will produce large quantities of powder rocks and reduce the grinding load whose cost is extremely high. Among the mechanical equipment, it turns to the impacting and grinding effects of the medium and the rocks themselves, makes the granularity of the rocks further small until they are ground to powders.

The size of the sand making equipment and the volume of the oil box in the sand making production line are all small, so that the quantity of the lubricant oil is small, and the temperature of the oil during the working process is relatively high, so that it requires that the lubricant oil has higher heat stability and resistance to oxidation. As for some ore beneficiation equipment, especially for some machines in the mine that is easy to have fire and explosion, it requires lubricant with high non-flame property and the flammable mineral oil can never be used. Because the environment of the mines is very bad, there are a lot of coal dust, rock dust and water; the lubricant will inevitably be polluted by these impurities, so that the lubricant oil has to have better antirust, corrosion resistant and anti-emulsification property. Sometimes, the temperature of the machine in the open pit in spring and summer has very different change, and in some places, the temperature difference of the night and day is also huge, so that it requires that the viscosity of the lubricant oil will be decreased with the change of the temperature, not only to prevent the oil from becoming not sticky when the temperature is too high, but to prevent the oil from becoming too sticky when the temperature is too low so that the machine is difficult to be started and operated. In addition, it also requires the lubricant oil has high adaptability to the sealing device so that it will not damage the sealing device. Every sand maker needs our careful protection so that the equipment will fully exert their unique characteristics. The lubrication work for every machine is important, if the lubrication work is not done very well, accidents will happen and future trouble will be brought.


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