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A Brief Introduction to the Ore Dressing Process

The final purpose and task of ore dressing is to separate the ores from the useless gangue minerals, separate and collect the symbiotic valuable minerals to sole concentrate, recover the valuable element comprehensively, eliminate the impurities doing harm to metallurgy or other process, improve the quality of ore dressing product, in order to reach the object of making use of mineral resources more sufficiently, reasonably and economically.

The production of ore dressing is a complex process, with the transition and transformation of substance and energy. It has the characteristics of time-variation, large lag, complex mechanism and lots of affecting factors, with the performance of consecution in large range, nonlinearity and tight coupling, which is complex and indeterminate.

The product process of raw ores is to sieve the raw ores to the ore fines of 0 to 15mm and ore lumps of over 15mm. the ore fines are sent to the strong magnetic cylindrical ore storage bin by the belt conveyor as the materials of the product of strong magnetic separation. The ore lumps are sent to the bunker in front of the furnace through two-times screening by the belt conveyor as the materials of the roaster.

The process of roast working of the shaft furnace is to send the ores to the shaft furnace to be roasted, which can separate the ores to the waste rocks and valuable ores. The waste rocks are sent to the hillock by the belt conveyor and the winching system, while the valuable ores are sent to the weak magnetic cylindrical ores bin as the product of the materials of weak magnetic separation.

The working process of ore grinding and magnetic separation can be divided into the strong magnetic separation and weak magnetic separation. The primary of the ore grinding system is a closed circuit made by the ball mill and the separator, while the secondary is a closed circuit consisting by the ball mill and the water cyclone. The undersize sieves are embodied in both of the two ore grindings to control the particle sizes feeding the secondary from the first separation. The ore fines or the roasted ores are classified by the classifier after grinded by the ball mills. The returned sands are re-grinded by the ball mill, with the overflows of the classifier getting into the cyclone to be classified. The overflows of the cyclone get into the strong magnetic machine or the weak magnetic machine to be separated. The selected concentrates are sent to the generating system to be concentrated, with the gangues being sent to the tailings dam. The concentrates after being concentrated are the final concentrates.


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