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Some Problems Existing in the Research of Vibrating Screen

According to the whole process of theory and research about vibrating screen, we can find out the following problems existing in the research of vibrating screen:

Vibrating Screen

1.The possibility of super-huge type of vibrating screen used in dressing is quite small. In a period of time, we will focus on the research and development of the vibrating screen with unique structure and excellent stress condition. In addition, we will break through the traditional design pattern of vibrating screen used in dressing. The needs of economic development will promote the research of large-sized vibrating screen.

2.Vibrating screen mechanism will break through the traditional pattern and take new vibrating form in order to solve the major problems which were not solved before for a long time.

3.Parameter Determination of vibrating screen will be another breakthrough. and the method of probability statistics will be used to determine the kinetic parameter. For this reason, the computer aided design means and advanced test experiment technology will be further applied.

4.Reducing vibration theory of TLD may be applied in vibration attenuation of vibrating screen through resonance region.

To sum up, the mechanical model of the vibrating screen used in ore dressing is mainly linear type and in the non-linear aspect, there is mainly the hard-type non-linear vibrating screen featured with the elastic force as the broken line change. At present, the research on the mixed vibrating screen is also reported. In the designing aspect of the vibrating screen, the research mainly focuses on the static designing and the dynamic designing just starts.


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