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Application of Ball Mill Special for Cement Paste

timeJul 01,2012

The ball mill designed special for cement paste is the key factor of ensuring the quality of cement paste and realizing cement paste production upsizing. At present, there is no such modular cement paste ball mill at home and abroad so that many countries have been constantly researching and exploring. After many years’ research and practice, the cement paste production technology in our country has transformed from the industrial experimental type to the industrial production type in the scope. With the further development of the work of replacing oil with coal, our country will build a group of cement paste plants with different sizes and different technological features.

Because we did not have the experience of researching and developing large-sized ball mill special for cement paste in the past, we have built two cement paste plants with 250 thousand t/a level, and the cement ball mills used for manufacturing paste are all introduced from other countries, for this reason, it is an urgent need to research and develop the ball mill special for cement paste that is suitable for the paste manufacturing technology features in our country.

Cement paste is a kind solid-fluid fluid with complicated flowing deformation features and some granularity composing requirement. The technological key to researching the cement paste ball mill is to improve and optimize the structural design of the existing equipment according to the factors of the production technology features, flow deformation features and the granularity composition, and determine the performance parameter and the working conditions of the machines. The ball mill is mainly composed by the driving system, grinding cylinder, main bearing, material feeding device, material discharging device and supporting device. The material feeding system of the grinding machine adopts the spiral feeder to force materials feeding. The water pipe, pharmacy pipe and paste returning pipe and the spiral feeder are parallelly sent in to the material feeding chamber. The prefiming agent feeding mouth of the spiral feeder adopts double sealing in order to avoid material leakage. The cylinder is divided by the partition into coarse grinding cabin and fine grinding cabin and there is rubber lining board inside the cylinder. The raw coal is sent into the cabin by the spiral feeder for coarse grinding, and after that, the materials will go into the second-stage cabin through the comb hole of the partition for fine grinding, and after that the cement paste will go into the materials discharging device through the grid plate. In order to prevent the cylinder from deforming after the ball mill is stopped, there is installed hydraulic supporting device under the cylinder.

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