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Several Reasons why Combination Crusher Vibrates

timeJul 17,2012

As a new type of crusher, the combination crusher has been favored by new and old customers. As a leading crusher manufacturing company in Central China, Hongxing Machinery is always walking on the leading edge in the production of crushing equipment. The combination crusher is mainly used for crushing hard stone and iron rocks, and faced with so severe production environment, there will inevitably be some discrepancies during the working process of combination crusher.

During the debugging process, the crusher may vibrate. At this time, you had better come to the professional combination crusher manufacturer, since we have professional technicians and serve you on line. Here we will explain to you the several reasons.

(1) Firstly examine whether the concrete foundation is flat and solid and whether the foot margin screw is loose.

(2) Whether there is radial runout or swing on the dynamo wheel and the main engine wheel and whether the tightness of the triangle belt is proper.

(3) Debug before removing all of the hammers. If the machine does not vibrate after removing the hammers, it vibrates due to the difference of the hammer holes of the rotor plate.

Combination crusher is the best equipment for crushing gangue. Through devoted research and manufacturing of our company, this equipment has been well received in the domestic market and it has many advantages such as long service life, convenient repair, simple operation and excellent final products.

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