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Control of Oil Temperature of Discharging Mouth of Overflow Ball Mill

timeJul 17,2012

The oil temperature of the discharging mouth of the overflow ball mill is controlled by the platinum thermal resistance. According to the requirements of the supplied oil temperature, the upper limit, lower limit and the maximum value of the master control temperature are set. When the master control temperature reaches the lower limit, the resistance will automatically turn off the electromagnetism water valve; and when the oil temperature reaches the upper limit of the master control oil temperature, it will automatically turn on the electromagnetism water valve to cool the lubricating oil. If the cooler is turned on, but the oil temperature continues to rise and reaches to the maximum value, then the device will give out an alarm signaling that the oil temperature is too high, at this time, the workers need to cleanse or repair the cooler.

There is also a platinum thermal resistance on the oil box which is mainly used for controlling the temperature of the oil inside the oil box and the basic settings and the purposes is the same with the electric resistance of the oil discharging mouth.

When the ball mill is running at a low speed, the starting order is the same with that of the normal speed, and the difference lies in that during the slow running process, the high-pressure pump motor is still running and it will not stop until the grinding mill stops for two minutes.

Generally speaking, a signal device for displaying the flow of the lubricating oil will be installed on the low pressure oil feeding mouth of the two main bearings. If the lubricating oil decrease due to some reasons and is lower than the set value, the signal device will give out a halt signal. In addition, there will install a component for testing the temperature between the two bearings, and if the temperature of the bearing exceeds the critical temperature, the digital readout temperature control device will give out a halt signal.

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