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Processing Methods of Building Waste

Nowadays, the policy of destroying the old buildings and building new has been more and more mature. While a lot of old buildings are tore part, the building wastes produces in the dismantling process have been more and more. The upgrading and updating of the city is a good thing, but the building wastes produces cannot be effectively processed and that is really an annoying problem. Then how can we process the building wastes and what equipment do we need to process them?

In order to help everyone with this problem, Hongxing Machinery launched new mobile crushing station, which is a comprehensive machine integrated with many functions of conveying, crushing and screening. After the building wastes are screened, and processed, crushed and they can be processed to be sand and stone materials with some granularity and they can be used in many departments such as building materials, railway roadbed and cement mix materials.

The processing methods used for disposing the building wastes include two:

1. Put the produced building wastes together and process them in a fixed area. In this way, we can scatter different concentrated disposing area according to the areas where the building waste are distributed and build sand and stone processing production lines with different configuration to process them. The main equipment used in the fixed sand stone manufacturing line include cone crusher, vibrating screen, impact crusher, jaw crusher and belt conveyor. Hongxing Machinery is able to provide the optimum designing scheme for the customers according to their specific requirements and satisfy their demands to the maximum extent.

2. Decentralized processing method. According to the features of the building wastes, the customers can use mobile crushing station, which is able to move freely according to the places of the materials and make the process of the building wastes much simple and more convenient and greatly reduce the cost.


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