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Crusher Industry is Indispensable for Highway Construction

timeJul 20,2012

Crusher is one of the important domains in the mining machinery industry in China. The development of this industry has been pretty stable, but after the mining exploration is restricted, the development of the crusher also meets its bottleneck. At present, with the changing of some new emerging policies on the infrastructure construction, the crusher development welcomes new opportunities.

The national planning for the highway construction and the energetic operation of building projects and the substantial growth of the demands of the crusher industry bring great prospect for the development of the crusher industry. The construction of railway and highway demands great quantity of footstone and building aggregates. The production of sand and stone and aggregates cannot be realized without crushing machines, screening equipment and stone and sand making production line, for this reason, the construction of railway and highway is closely linked to the crusher industry. The development of the crusher industry is able to satisfy the needs of railway and highway construction. The speed of city development has been very fast, but this development has brought with it large quantity of building wastes. In order to solve this problem, the crusher industry continuously innovates and researches building waste crusher which has the function of reducing dust with mist spray and fine sand collecting equipment which is able to collect the fine sand that is washed way and the collection rate can reach over 98%.

The crusher industry should continuously improves and innovates technology, produces highly efficient and energy saving crushing equipment and enhancing the capacity to provide the auxiliary items in the whole set of stone and sand production line and crushing and screening equipment. Let us take impact crusher as an example. Driven by the motor, the rotor of the impact crusher will rotate with high rate, and when the materials go into the hammer effect area, they will hit and be crushed by the hammer on the rotor, and then they will be thrown to the impacting plate and be crushed again, and then bounce back from the impacting plate and will be crushed again, this process will proceed over and over again. The materials will go from the first to the fourth impacting chamber from big to small to be crushed over and over again until they are crushed to the needed granularity and discharged from the discharging mouth.

With the continuous exploration and innovation in the mining mechanical crushing industry, the overall competition and the development potential at present has almost been close to the manufacturing level in the developed countries. Crushing equipment not only plays an important role in the mining and building industry, but is key and indispensable equipment in the highway and railway construction.

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