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Introduction to Function and Working Points of Small Jaw Crusher

timeAug 18,2012

Introduction to the function and Working Points of small jaw crusher:

Function: this small jaw crusher crushes hard material into end product with different specification, driven by the mechanical force produced by motor.

Jaw crusher

Definition: crusher is the general name of crushing machine and grinding machine. The two machines are distinguished according to the discharging granularity: the machine whose discharging granularity is larger than 3mm and discharging volume accounts for over 50% of the whole is called crushing machine (coarse crushing). Grinding machine is the machine whose discharging granularity is less than 3mm and discharging volume accounts for over 50% of the whole. Sometimes, it is also called crusher (fine crusher)

The points need noticing when small crusher is working:

1. When crushing material, the discharging port of jaw crusher is able to be adjusted to crush material to certain granularity.

2. Check the tension of triangle belt and wear condition. If too loose or tight or serious wear, you should timely adjust or change belt.

3. Check the wear condition of the guard board on two sides of crusher. For example, if wear is serious, guard board should be changed timely.

4. Adjust the feeding size of the palate plate according to the strict technological requirements for size.

5. On the condition of no or bad protective cover, crusher is prohibited to starting in case of casualty.

6. Only by confirming the flexibility of machine operation with flywheel or belt can you have a trail test on the empty crusher.

7. When the operation of jaw crusher is normal, material is allowed to be added to crusher.

8. Take notice of the discharging condition. If blocked, it is necessary to be dredged timely.

9. The crusher cannot be stopped until the material in palate plate is crushed completely.

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