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Six Major Factors Affecting the Productivity of Jaw Crusher

1 Material hardness. The harder the material is, the more difficult the crushing will be. In addition, the more serious the abrasion of crushing equipment will become. Since the crushing will be slowed down, the crushing capacity will accordingly reduce.

2 Material humidity. If the water content is large, the material will be sticky in the crushing cavity and block the machine, leading to the decrease of crushing capacity.

3 The product granularity. The finer the product is, the smaller the crushing capacity will be.

4 Material composition. The more powder the material contains, the harder the crushing will be. Therefore, material with overmuch powder needs screening in advance.

5 Material viscosity. The larger the viscosity is, the harder the crushing will be.

6 Wear resistance of the crushing component. The greater the abrasion resistance is, the larger the crushing capacity will be.

Based on continuous efforts of Henan Hongxing experts, JCE series

European version jaw crusher arises at the historic moment. The PE series

jaw crusher is mainly composed of the rack, the eccentric shaft, the crushing cavity, the safety device and the beam adjustment device. The PE European crusher adopts the processing technology of world level. It utilizes authentic material with high hardness, which shows the higher anti-abrasion capacity. The movable jaw adopts high quality steel-castings and is driven by two heavy type fly wheels, which ensures the extraordinary reliability of JCE jaw crusher.

The finite analytic method adopted by the JCE jaw crusher has guaranteed extraordinary high crushing capacity. The eccentric shaft device has shown higher durability. Halide protection board enhances the effective length of jaw plate. Compared with other crushing machinery, the jaw crusher has higher productivity.

To sum up, the European version jaw crusher has been indisputably the most favored product in the world. When crushing material with high-hardness and strong anti-abrasion, the European version JCE jaw crusher is the top choice.


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